Dark and Stormy 4

Me and Bart finally finished the fourth double packed edition of our popular? zine. We were originally aiming for a Halloween themed issue but then Halloween came and went. The only reminder of that lost idea is It's Pennywise up there in the corner.


With Contributions by:

R'm Aharoni, Bart de Baets, Camden Benares, Richard Brautigan, Tessa De Ceuninck, Graham Chapman, Julio Cortázar, Duncan Drury, Google, Werner Herzog, Aldous Huxley, Tove Jansson, Alfred Jarry, Lieven Lahaye, Kaisa Lassinaro, Mark Leckey, Terence McKenna, Momus, SANY, Flann O'Brien, Michaël Poupaux, pvchick32001, Sophie Roberts, Jerry Seinfeld, Rustan Söderling, Per Törnberg and Gustav Wideberg.