Dark and Stormy 3

We where invited to launch the next D&S at the Nachtwinkel in Antwerp. Head over to Bart's web based space to see some J-pegs from the celebration and also the various other things we made for the releases at Nachtwinkel and San Serriffe.

With Contributions by:

Bart de Baets, Richard Brautigan, Julio Cortázar, Aleister Crowley, Nick Currie, DearWen, Yana Foqué, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jeff Koons, John C. Lilly, Lukas Moodyson, Owlman 5, Monty Python, Ruud Ruttens, Olivier Smets, Rustan Söderling, Aline Weyel and Mislav Žugaj.