An Eye For An Ear

Designer Christian Echenique asked me to participate in We Gon' Make it in a Second which was shown at Metro54, Biljmer, Amsterdam. With the assignment to make a poster that connected a visual artist with a lyrical rapper.

Here is the text I wrote which was printed on the back.


On December 23 1888, after threatening Paul Gauguin with a knife, Vincent van Gogh cut of his left ear and presented it as a gift to a local prostitute named Rachel. 103 years later suicidal rapper/midget Bushwick Bill wobbled home to his girlfriends house following a night of heavy drinking. And, after threatening to hurt their baby if she would not shoot him, ended up with a bullet in his right eye. Both men survived, had no luck with the ladies and both chose to take pride in their injuries by posing for what would become two of the most famous self mutilation portraits ever taken.


Much to late I realized that the title An Eye For An Ear doesn't make much sense in this case... Oh, well...